Cross ERP Software

A one-stop software solution to cater all
requirements of your Chemist shop

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Access, Analyze & Reporting across the chain

Cross ERP provides detailed reporting and analysis that adds valuable insights to your retail business. The software collects data from your inventory, sales, and purchases; Analyzes it, and makes sense to increase overall business profitability. With this work pattern, it empowers your business with actionable insights. Also, it enables you to plan your business strategies accordingly.

Low operating Costs

Cross ERP optimizes the management processes involved in the chemist retail shop. It breaks down most of the expenses you may spend on inventory, billing, delivery, and other retail operations. It identifies the discretionary expenses, automate manual tasks, make billing easy with a barcoding system, and provides a digital platform that saves time and manpower. Its Reports functionality gives the retail owner an ability to plan purchases correctly to optimizing inventory levels.